I Am a Pakistani…


Kill me & call it
“A Mistake”

Imprison me & call it
“Security Measure”

Exile my people n masses & call it

Declare my leaders as the enemy of our country & call it
“Quilty of Treason”

Rob my rights, invade my land, declare me as

“Terrorist” & call it

But listen, still i am PAKISTANI and will remain PAKISTANI 4ever

Don’t Accept Others..

Don’t Accept Others
Definition Of Life..
Its Your Life,
Define It Yourself, The
Way U Love It To Be,
Be Yourself B’coz
none Knows About You
Better Than You …

No Candle Loses…

“No candle loses its light while lighting another candle”
So never stop sharing and helping others because it makes ur life more meaningful.


Remember !!

Work For A Cause Not For Applause

Live Life To Express Not To Impress

Don’t Strive To Make our Presence Noticed

Just Make Your Absence Felt …

Hum Kyun Gam Karein

Hum kyun gam karein,
Agar woh hume na mile,
Arre! Gam to woh kare jise hum na mile.


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